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Alavi Anaipakos represents plaintiffs and defendants nationwide in some of the largest and most complicated patent, trade secret, and intellectual property disputes. From winning jury trials in significant patent infringement cases to numerous successes in trade secret fights, inter partes reviews, and on appeal, Alavi Anaipakos has a long and accomplished record of victories. We also have vast experience coordinating multi-front litigation in important venues overseas, including Germany, China, Japan, England, Brazil, and Dubai and are frequently asked to architect global strategies to protect and monetize our clients’ intellectual property.

Saint Lawrence Communications v. Motorola

As lead trial counsel, we obtained a unanimous jury verdict for our client against Motorola Mobility LLC, finding that Motorola willfully infringed our client’s patents, awarding 100% of the damages we requested in closing argument, and finding that our client was entitled to future damages in the form of a running royalty as well. The case settled for a confidential amount of while on appeal.

Versata v. SAP

Assisted client Versata Software not only reach a $391 million patent infringement jury verdict using a new lost profits claim, but also helped to uphold that win over years of high-powered appeals. We are actively involved in the development of the winning lost profits model, and developing the arguments that resulted in that model being affirmed in its entirety on appeal. We were also in charge of settlement discussions for Versata, and the case eventually settled for a confidential sum after the monetary judgment was affirmed by the Federal Circuit.

Rembrandt v. Samsung

We beat the odds when we obtained a $15.7 million federal jury verdict in Texas in this patent infringement case. Jurors deliberated only one hour to find that Samsung Electronics infringed on two Rembrandt Bluetooth patents. Rembrandt argued Samsung infringed on “Enhanced Data Rate” inventions in millions of products, including its Galaxy S phones and other devices. The jury verdict was affirmed on appeal and settled for a confidential sum during remand proceedings, including to determine the future, running royalty that would be owed to our client.

DynaEnergetics v. G&H Manufacturing

Represented defendant G&H Manufacturing in a patent infringement lawsuit by a competitor in the Western District of Texas. We quickly filed and won institution of a Post Grant Review of the patent, securing a stay from a District Court with a history of denying such stays.

Rembrandt v. Apple & Broadcom

Represented Rembrandt in a follow-on patent infringement lawsuit against Apple and Broadcom in the Eastern District of Texas and Central District of California following the successful result in the Rembrandt v. Samsung case. Both cases resulted in confidential settlements for our client.

Saint Lawrence Communications v. Apple

Represented Saint Lawrence Communications in a major patent infringement case against Apple. The case settled on the eve of trial for a confidential amount.

Nexus v. NexTier

Represented oil field services company NexTier in a patent infringement suit filed by a competitor in the Southern District of Texas. We quickly filed and secured institution of an Inter Partes Review of the patent and secured a stay of the case from the District Court. On the eve of the final hearing for the IPR, the case settled very favorably, for a confidential amount.

Saint Lawrence Communications v. ZTE

Represented Saint Lawrence Communications in a patent infringement case against ZTE. After successfully defeating summary judgment motions on non-infringement, the case settled for a confidential amount shortly before trial.

Our offices are located in Houston, Texas, but our practice is nationwide and we regularly consult on matters in foreign jurisdictions as well.

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